Referral Program

Refer your friends and/or family to Shopping with Cryptocurrency and receive 10% commission on any products and/or services sold using your referral code!


How the Referral Program works:

1) Add referral program  to your cart.
2) Once you have created your account, checkout.
3) Once you have submitted your request, if approved, you will receive your personal referral code.
3) Once you have received your referral code, you can start referring people!

Referrers receive 5% commission on all sales using their code.


Referral Rewards Payout Details:

- Referral rewards are distributed on the 15th of every month
- Referral rewards are distributed via ACH direct deposit, or PayPal, or select cryptocurrencies (email support to setup cryptocurrency payment)

Referral rewards cannot be transferred to another person or account.