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Consignment Listing


Take all the haggling and hassle out of selling your unwanted valuable, and sell your products and/or goods on our trusted consignment store! We utilize our advanced marketing techniques, outlets, and various resources to sell your product as soon as possible.  

Consignment Details:

  • Listing:

- All product and/or goods listed require a $10.00 listing fee, for the lifetime of the product being listed. -- Each listing remains good until the product is sold, or the owner/lister requests the product and/or service be taken down.

All listing fees are non-refundable.

  • Product Condition:

- The owner/lister is responsible for accurately describing their product(s). Any errors or omissions on the product description are the owner/lister's responsibility. 

  • Pricing:

- Owners/Listers set their desired 'asking price.' -- Once the product listing is live, and price changes are subject to a $5.00 'adjustment fee.'

  • Shipping:

- All product must be shipped with a tracking number.

  • Payment: 

- Once the product(s) have been confirmed as 'delivered' via the accompanying tracking number, the owner/lister will be dispersed their payment in full within 24 hours of the confirmed delivery. 





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